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Pellet Stoves

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How Pellet Stoves Work

Pellet stoves are free standing stoves that directly vent to the outside, making it easy and affordable to retro fit to any home. Varying hopper sizes allow you to store at least one forty pound bag of pellets in your stove so that the auger can self-feed the pellets to burn as necessary. All stoves are self-igniting and require a fraction of the cleaning that regular wood stoves do.

Pellet stove inserts can be placed inside an existing fireplace to utilize the flu and chimney and existing surround. Pellet furnaces and boilers are additional models that are available for other sustainable heating methods.

Pellet Stoves

Enjoy a safer, more convenient, and environmentally smart way to stay warm! Have the option of burning wood pellets or corn. We guarantee fuel availability and the lowest fuel costs to our stove customers. We carry brands such as Harman, Quadra Fire, Lennox/Country, and St. Croix. There are many styles to choose from, including freestanding, inserts, furnaces, boilers, and also grills.

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